How to find a book on BookLikes [For School]

There are a few ways you can find a book on BookLikes. One way is to go to your dashboard in the upper left-hand corner and view posts by those you are following or by BookLikes' account. These, normally, are reviews or book recommendations, etc., and by clicking on the book or link presented in the post, you can go to the book itself. That way, you can find a book to read. Another way is to search for a book you have read and liked. If you scroll past the summary and other information, there will be a section where there are books other people have read, that have also read your book. These books you will most likely like since they are loosely related or directly related to your book you read. A final way to find one is to go to explore in the upper left-hand corner and scroll down until you reach the 'category' section. You can then click on any genre you are interested in, and the newest blog posts with that tag will show up. You then will be presented with many options for novels to read. One book I found while using the first method is Figures Unseen: Selected Stories by Steve Rasnic Tem. This is a collection of horror and dark fiction stories, and those are both genres I enjoy. Hopefully, you'll find some books too.