About Me

Hello! I'm Wintercearig, and I run this blog. Of course, that's not my real name. Wintercearig is a word for the seasonal depression you get in Winter, specifically, that sways your emotions and actions. 


Currently, I am fourteen, and I'm in the GIEP. I love writing and reading, and where is a better place to express my passion of both than BookLikes? I can connect with other bibliophiles and maybe just people who dabble in literature. I get to write reviews about books from my favorite author, or maybe just about a book that, well, didn't at all hit the mark. 


I started this blog for a school project, but I'm hoping to stick with it. Feel free to comment on my posts, because criticism, recommendation, and to be honest, compliments, go a long way. 



- What genres do I like? // Comedy, Horror/Thriller, Fantasy, Autobiography/Memoir, YA, Historical & Realistic Fiction

- What authors do I like? // John Green (alot), Shakespeare, Stephen King

- Favorite books? // Gena/Finn, Looking for Alaska, and most of The Lunar Chronicles

- How fast do I read? // I don't really read fast. Not slow, either. I'm just very busy.

- Do I go to a library? // Sometimes, but I don't like to. I like to buy my books so I can keep them.

- Favorite movies? // The Shining, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and any Tim Burton movie! Alot! Especially Beetlejuice, obviously.

- Any other interests? // Art (ie sketching & impasto painting), Writing (short stories and historical fiction), Debating, Researching, & Listening to vinyl.



That's all for now.